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How UFED Physical Analyzer 13 Can Help You Uncover Key Evidence, Trace Events, and Examine Data in Depth

UFED Physical Analyzer Download 13: What You Need to Know

If you are a digital forensic examiner, investigator, or analyst, you know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. You need tools that can help you collect, analyze, and report on digital evidence from a wide range of devices, applications, and cloud sources. You need tools that can help you uncover key pieces of information, trace events, and examine data in depth. You need tools that can help you work smarter and faster.

ufed physical analyzer download 13

One of the tools that can help you achieve all these goals is UFED Physical Analyzer, the industry standard for digital data examination. UFED Physical Analyzer is a software application that works with Cellebrite's UFED devices to help you surface actionable intelligence from the broadest range of digital devices. It is part of Cellebrite's Digital Intelligence Platform, which offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for digital forensics, investigations, and eDiscovery.

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of UFED Physical Analyzer 13, the latest version of this powerful software. We will also show you how to download UFED Physical Analyzer 13, renew your license, and access training resources. By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of what UFED Physical Analyzer can do for you and how to get started with it.

Features and Benefits of UFED Physical Analyzer

UFED Physical Analyzer is designed to help you uncover key pieces of digital evidence, trace events, and examine data in corporate investigations. It supports data extraction from mobile phones, drones, SIM cards, SD cards, GPS devices, and more. It also supports data decoding from over 40 languages and over 50 cloud sources. It allows you to view application data in its native format using an Android emulator. It also enables you to automatically detect and classify images and videos based on predefined categories.

Some of the main features and benefits of UFED Physical Analyzer are:

Application Insights and Customizable Dashboard Widgets

UFED Physical Analyzer helps you highlight key insights and make quick and insightful decisions on where to focus your examinations using application insights and customizable dashboard widgets. Application insights allow you to surface data from third-party applications based on sophisticated heuristics. You can also import and decode a specific application to accelerate time to evidence. Customizable dashboard widgets allow you to create your own views of the data based on your preferences and needs.

Visual Events Timeline

UFED Physical Analyzer helps you build a storyline of events and zoom-in on a timeframe of interest with its advanced graphical timeline. The timeline allows you to see all the events related to a device or an application in chronological order. You can filter the events by category, source, type, or keyword. You can also add annotations, bookmarks, tags, or comments to the events. The timeline helps you identify patterns, anomalies, gaps, or connections in the data.

Advanced Decoding

UFED Physical Analyzer helps you reassemble device and application data into readable formats with its advanced decoding capabilities. You can use SQLite Wizard, Python scripting, App Genie, and Hex highlighting to decode complex or encrypted data structures. SQLite Wizard allows you to view SQLite databases in a user-friendly interface. Python scripting allows you to create custom scripts or use existing ones to decode data. App Genie allows you to decode data from unsupported applications using predefined templates. Hex highlighting allows you to highlight relevant hex values in binary files.

Ingest Multiple Formats

UFED Physical Analyzer helps you ingest data extractions from Cellebrite UFED devices as well as other extraction tools such as Cellebrite Premium or cloud warrant returns. You can import multiple extractions into one project for comparison or analysis. You can also export extractions into different formats such as XML or PDF.

Streamlined Workflow

UFED Physical Analyzer helps you streamline your workflow by integrating with other Cellebrite solutions such as UFED Cloud or Cellebrite Pathfinder. You can use UFED Cloud to collect cloud-based evidence from over 50 data sources such as social media platforms or email providers. You can use Cellebrite Pathfinder to analyze large volumes of data using artificial intelligence (AI) techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) or machine learning (ML). You can also export your data into an eDiscovery solution such as Relativity or Nuix for further processing or review.

Customized Reports