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Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown

Le Avventure Di Pinocchio The Movie 2 Free Download

I really enjoyed Pinocchio Easy Italian Reader which was Level A1/2 . Listening on Soundcloud and reading the text helped me to understand the story and gave me a very good introduction to the original book which I also downloaded free of charge. I also found the story read on Audible for free before signing up for a monthly fee of 7.99 It was read beautifully. I feel that I want to listen to the story over and over again. It made a good change from the difficult passages of Il nome della rosa which I have not finished reading or listening to.I feel that I am getting more confident in understanding the spoken word, even if not in conversations.

Le avventure di Pinocchio the movie 2 free download

I downloaded the full version of Pinocchio and I am listening to the RAI audio. I did enjoy the whole book of Il Nome della Rosa (skipped over incomprehensible parts!) and I plan to tackle it again as my reading comprehension improves. Pinocchio will be considerably easier and I am sure i will enjoy it. I LOVED the Roberto Begnini movie and also the earlier version with Gina Lollobrigida as the Blue Fairy (my age is showing!) I saw them both in Italian with subtitles years ago. I did not like the Disney animated version -even though it was in English. I will not be surprised if the book version is not the best version of the story!Thank you for this Book Club, Daniel!


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