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Davidson's Principles And Practice Of Medicine,...

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Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine,...

  • Part 1 'Fundamentals of Medicine' - provides an account of the principles of genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, population health, oncology and pain management, along with a discussion of the core principles behind clinical decision-making and good prescribing.

  • Part 2 'Emergency and Critical Care Medicine' - covers medical emergencies in poisoning, envenomation and medicine in austere environments, as well as common presentations in acute medicine and the recognition and management of the critically ill.

  • Part 3 'Clinical Medicine'- covers the major medical specialties, each thoroughly revised and brought fully up to date. A new section on COVID-19 has been added and the impact of this infection is described throughout the book.

  • Clinical Examination overviews - extended and updated to summarise the main elements for each system.

  • Presenting Problems sections - provide a clear pathway for the assessment of and approach to the most common complaints in each specialty.

  • Practice Point summaries - detail the practical skills that medical students and junior doctors must acquire.

  • Emergency boxes - emphasise the core knowledge needed to manage acutely ill patients.

  • In Old Age, In Pregnancy and In Adolescence boxes - highlight differences in the practice of medicine in these patient groups, and illustrate the interfaces between medical, obstetric and paediatric services.

  • The text is extensively illustrated - with over 1000 diagrams, clinical photographs, and radiology and pathology images.

  • The global perspective is enhanced by an International Advisory Board of experts from 11 countries and by leading authors from around the world.

The complete, downloadable eBook version is included with your (print copy) purchase - for easy access on your portable device, anytime, anywhere! Now enhanced with: 041b061a72


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