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Back To Ashes [TENOKE] [Update V0.9.6]

After Ord Mantell, Vaylin tracked Senya and Arcann to Voss and invaded the planet with the Eternal Fleet to burn them out of hiding. Her forces landed in and captured the capital city of Voss-Ka, after which Vaylin gleefully ordered the planet to be burnt to ashes. The fighting continued over time, with Vaylin becoming angry that the planet was being torched without her, when SCORPIO noted from a presence of Mandalorian forces in Voss-Ka that the Outlander was on-world as well, with the spirit of Valkorion inside. Vaylin located all three of her family members inside the Shrine of Healing and addressed them through a Skytrooper holocomm, taunting her family and ordering the Eternal Fleet to bombard the Shrine in an attempt to kill them all. However, before the Eternal Fleet ships could scorch the planet's surface, the Imperial fleet had arrived and caused the GEMINI units to flee the battle. Vaylin was angered at them for retreating without orders, but SCORPIO noted that the GEMINI merely made a choice she did not like and urged the Empress to focus on the big picture, bringing her attention back to the Outlander.[31]

Back To Ashes [TENOKE] [Update v0.9.6]



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