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Julian Peterson
Julian Peterson

Good day,Thanks for bringing this to our attention. According to the many listings on our marketplace, the release date of Resident Evil 4 is set for today, the 24th of March. Which means that all of the vendors who had put up offers for such keys must deliver their goods over the course of today.Since Eneba doesn't publish, develop, nor sell the keys ourselves - we just provide a platform for our vetted, external sellers - we can only deliver your pre-purchased code once it's made available to us; when the seller uploads it to our system. This may not necessarily align with the release time of direct publishers and stores such as Steam, thus some delays are only natural.Rest assured, we are know firsthand of the hype that surrounds well renown franchises such as Resident Evil and we're pressing our vendors to quicken their pace and upload the keys so our community could enjoy a weekend full of horror and thrills sooner. As soon as a key will be assigned - you'll get an email notification with a link to access it.Additionally, keep in mind that if your patience runs too thin or if you find a better deal - you can always just cancel your pre-purchase and get a full refund prior to viewing the code. To do so, all you need to do is to contact our customer support team via -center or email to (both will reach the same assistance inbox). You could also edit your review and include your order ID or support ticket number (examples: "o-*******" and "#1234567" respectively).Regards,Eneba Team

Hello, John,Thanks for reaching out to us about this. If you've bought a PC version of Football manager, please follow the instructions from the important notice within the product page and redeem your purchased key on first. Once you do so, it will allow you to select which further platform you'd want to activate the game: Steam, Epic Games or the Microsoft store. That should solve this for you.In case it doesn't, please reach out to our customer support team by making a ticket at or email to - they will assist gladly assist you.If you've already made a ticket, please share your ticket number or order ID (ticket number example: #1234567, order ID example: #o-*******) and we'll check in with our specialists on the subject and get back to you ASAP.Regards,Eneba Team 041b061a72


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