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What You Need to Know About Downloading PDF from Messenger on Different Devices

Learn about how you can send PDFs directly from your phone. Then, explore everything you can do using Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat online services to make file-sharing fast and easy. You can also enjoy the flexibility of converting various files to and from PDF, including JPG to PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to Excel, and more.

Many of us use Facebook Messenger on a regular basis to send and receive messages, conversations, and photo or video attachments. If you suddenly have a need to save and print out Facebook messages with any of your Messenger contacts, today's Decipher Tools tutorial will help you accomplish that task. There is also a helpful video that walks you through the instructions. At the end of the tutorial you'll be able to download and print out Facebook messages as a PDF document. Let's get started!

download pdf from messenger

If you are currently having trouble exporting your Facebook conversations and chats, Decipher Messenger Export will simplify the process and walk you through each step so that you can quickly export your Messenger conversations in a convenient and easy-to-read format! Even if you are not computer savvy, you'll be able to download and save your Facebook messages with ease.

PDF Date Range Export - If you don't want to save all your Messenger messages from a specific contact, you can choose the "date range" export option to narrow down the scope of the messages that you need to save. This is helpful for large conversations where you only want to download portions of specific Messenger conversations.

"@context": " ", "@type": "VideoObject", "name": "How to Save and Print Facebook Messenger Messages as a PDF", "description": "How do I save or print Facebook Messages as a PDF on my computer?\nFollow these specific steps to save and print Facebook Messages\n\nStep 1. Log into Facebook and request to download your Facebook data.\nStep 2. Open the folder containing your Facebook data on your computer.\nStep 3. Follow the instructions in Decipher Messenger Export and choose the \u201cMessages\u201d folder.\nStep 4. Pick a Facebook contact whose messages you want to save and print as a PDF.\nStep 5. Select \u201cExport\u201d to save the Facebook Messages to your PC or Mac computer.\nStep 6. Open the PDF of your Facebook Messages on your computer.\nStep 7. Select Print to print Facebook Messages. \n\nVideo Overview:\nWelcome to our Decipher Tools tutorial about how to save and print Facebook Messenger Messages as a PDF. This tutorial works on an Windows or Mac computer! Get your Facebook Messenger messages and chats downloaded and printed out as a PDF!\n\nTo complete the tutorial you'll need three things: \n\u2022 Facebook account\n\u2022 Windows or Mac computer\n\u2022 Decipher Messenger Export\n -decipher-messenger-export.html\n\nInstructions to Save and Print Facebook Messages as a PDF\n\nToday's Decipher Tools tutorial will show you how to save and print Facebook messages on your computer as a PDF document. Keep in mind while we're running today's demo on a Mac this also works on any Windows computer. \n\nWe'll be using the software Decipher Messenger Export to save and print all your Facebook messages. The first thing is to navigate in your web browser and install Decipher Messenger Export. -decipher-messenger-export.html\n\nNext, follow the instructions in Decipher Messenger Export to request from Facebook a download of your data. When your download is complete, Facebook will then send you a notification via email.\n\nNow that you've successfully downloaded and unzipped your Facebook data, click next in Decipher Messenger Export. You want to navigate on your computer to the folder that contains your Facebook data. Open that up and then you want to select the messages folder. Choose open you'll now see all of your Facebook contacts imported into Decipher Messenger Export. \n\nYou can now select any contact whose Facebook messages you want to save to your PC or Mac computer.\n\nOnce Decipher Messenger Export has successfully saved your Facebook messages with that contact to your computer, a window will conveniently open containing the exported data.\n\nDouble-click the folder and inside you'll have a PDF of your Facebook messages with that contact. When you open the PDF you'll see that all of your Facebook Messenger messages and chats with that person have been saved. \n\nPlease note that the exported PDF contains any photo attachments or linked data that are part of your messages. Also, the Facebook contact is listed on every single message in the PDF document. Similarly the date and time is listed on every single Facebook message. This is very convenient for documentation purposes or if you need to export your messages for court, your lawyer, or any legal reasons. \n\nIn order to print out your Facebook messages on your Windows or Mac computer, select print in your PDF viewer and now you'll be able to print out the PDF containing your Facebook chats.\n\nFor those of you who have a large amount of Facebook messages with one contact and you don't want to print them all out, you can also choose the date range export option. \n\nOne additional feature of Decipher Messenger Export is that the software will also let you export Facebook call logs. Many individuals use this option to document their Facebook call logs for court, trial, or their lawyer. \n\nThat wraps up today's tutorial of Decipher Messenger Export! Hopefully by now you've learned how to save and print your Facebook messages as a PDF document on any Mac or Windows computer.\n\nIf you have any questions or need product support email us at \n\nYou can also read customer testimonials and reviews at \n\nPrivacy\nWhen you use Decipher Messenger Export to export or print your Facebook Messages, all of your data is private and local to your computer. Nothing is stored on servers or in the cloud! The user is in complete control.\n\n \n \n ", "uploadDate": "2020-07-09T22:11:14Z", "thumbnailUrl": [" ", " ", " ", " ", " "], "contentUrl": " =E6bIc8p1PJs", "embedUrl": " ", "duration": "PT10M4S", "interactionCount": "20025"

If you need any assistance with exporting your Facebook Messenger chats and history to your computer, simply contact us and someone from either our San Francisco or Phoenix offices will get back to you during normal business hours here in the USA.

Hello, I bought my first Iphone 12 and i faced a problem. When anyone sends me a file (for example, docx, pdf) in facebook messenger I just cannot open it, I press on the file, but nothing happens... Maybe you have any solution?

Files that are sent to you can of course be accessed directly from within a message thread, but you don't have to go scrolling through hundreds of messages to find that file that was sent to you a while ago. Apple also provides a way to see every file that has been sent to you in a chat thread in one easily accessible location, where you can also save those files for later reference if you wish.

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