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Mac Allister Pressure Washer Manual

Briggs & Stratton MAC ALLISTER pressure washer model 020271-0 replacement parts, pump breakdown, repair kits, owners manual and upgrade pump2 pumps are shown below that fit this washer

Mac Allister Pressure Washer Manual


Portable pressure washers are fantastic tools, as anyone who owns one will tell you. Used properly, a good pressure washer can drastically reduce the work and time involved in washing decks, cars, siding, farm equipment and more.

Like all machines, pressure washers sometimes break down. These malfunctions take several forms, but in general, they fall into two categories: engine issues and pump or wand issues. If you own a pressure washer or are thinking about purchasing one, keep reading to learn the most common ways these machines fail, and how to fix and maintain them.

My pressure washer troubleshooting experience told me it was air in the pump causing the problem. We switched off the electric motor but kept the water running through the pump. After holding the trigger to keep the water running through the machine we managed to clear the air from the pump and lines. My neighbor turned the machine on again and it worked. Full pressure, no pulsing.

My snips are sheet-metal snips and cut through tree branches, hoses, and thick plastic or rubber without issue. So if you burst a pressure washer hose, you could cut it shorter (with snips) and install the fitting instead of buying brand new. We did this all the time at a job I had as a 19 year old using a pressure washer to clean a factory parking lot and truck scale every-single-morning.

Karcher makes all types/styles of pressure washers through their own brand and subsidiary brands including Hotsy, Shark and Landa. They are easily the biggest pressure washer maker and seller in the world. They makes models with all types of the best small engines and pumps and have an extensive rental and service network through their subsidiary brands.

Jamey is the founder of and has led testing and reviewing since 2013. He has also worked as a commercial pressure washer at a rendering plant for 3 years and has been using commercial and residential pressure washers for 15+ years. He is also a mechanical engineer and while working in the mining industry designed several turn-key light industrial vehicle wash pads.

Sometimes, in fact, the pressure washer may not reach pressure, leak water or have problems preventing it from producing the pressure and water jet necessary to adequately clean surfaces, environments, vehicles and machinery.

All this happens because the precautions and measures necessary for proper care and maintenance that such a complex and powerful machine as a high pressure washer needs are not complied with. The direct outcome can be an inefficient result or, even worse, accidents to operators and damage to the machine or materials on which the pressure washer is used.

Even if all precautions are taken, the pressure washer may have problems and malfunctions. Some of these, often the result of simple forgetfulness, can easily be solved without a technician intervention, while to fix more serious troubles it is essential to turn to specialized and authorized service centres.

The pressure washer does not start > the motor may fail to start: simply switch it on, possibly by plugging in the power supply plug or make sure that the socket and the mains supply are working properly.

The pressure washer stops suddenly during operation > operate on the motor protection device, carefully following the instructions in the operating manual and complying with the specified operating conditions.

The pressure washer does not deliver hot water > (for hot water models) make sure that the boiler tank is well supplied with diesel or that the filter is well cleaned (if necessary, clean or replace it). As an alternative, operate on the boiler safety thermostat, but only after the pressure washer has cooled down for a few minutes to allow the device to be reset.

The pressure washer does not suck enough detergent > (for models featuring it), first check if the regulating knob is fully open and the nozzle holder head is in the correct position, then clean the detergent suction filter of any clogs. In any case, avoid using a viscous detergent, but follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Now you know all the malfunctions/troubles that a pressure washer may encounter and you know how to solve them: all you have to do is follow all the precautions and learn the methods to troubleshoot them, and cleaning with your pressure washer will no longer have any limits.

Fortunately, although it has its flaws, the 128 Mac Allister 1,800W is well suited for such a range of cleaning jobs. For everything you need to know about the mid-range B&Q pressure washer, read on.

Next up was my wheelie bin. Keeping the vario nozzle on, I stood well back and blasted away at the putrid detritus that had been left to congeal in the bottom for months. As with my car, the Mac Allister 1,800W pressure washer handled the job quickly and efficiently, and within a couple of minutes I could almost see my face in the shiny plastic.

Have a Brute pressure washer that you are looking to assemble or get general usage tips for? This video will show you how to install the accessory trays, fill the oil, start the engine, change out the spray tips, and more.


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