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Black Busty Bras

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black busty bras

Sublime hands free pumping bra patented all-in-one pumping & nursing bra with easyclip. A must-have piece for any postpartum mama, this all-in-one bra combines the best features of your favorite nursing and hands-free pumping bras. Our patented design features the easyclip system - dual clips so you can wear the same bra all day (or all night) long! With effortless access for both nursing and hands-free pumping, you can say goodbye to awkward bra-changing sessions in your office, car, or bathroom, and hello to comfortable, convenient, and stress-free pumping and nursing.

See those stretchy fabric pieces in black covering her cleavage above? Those are our patented Stayz. They keep the girls in their assigned seats and gets rid of boob smash, jiggle, and sweat. They're part magic and part science. But make no mistake, they're ALL about comfort.

Key selling points: As one of the best bras for smaller busts, this convertible balconette bra (which runs from 30AA to 40A) offers support and lift to smaller chests thanks to light padding and an extra-thick elastic band. 041b061a72


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