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Elven Love Download] [addons]

simple enough i love warcraft 3 for its UI its beautiful while being simple and elegant.. we all know world of warcraft went abit bad with its UI.. thank god for mods .. wouldn't it be good to have that old classic UI back??well here it is derived for use with Xart to install simply replace the 4 images in the download with the ones in ur /interface/addons/xart/textures folder.. as always remember to backup those originals :Pin my opinion this is best suited for 1024x768.. but still remains stunning on higher res monitors (u just might have to move stuf around abit) lolhope u all enjoy this skin as much as i enjoyed putting it all together..comments are very welcome

Elven Love Download] [addons]

Fantastic set. Love the design and would love to see more. I do wish there were more wall endings that just the connector-0 piece for a bit more variety. Confused whether the set will be expanded or not. In the Q&As in response to a question on Matt Barker said there was a big expansion planned for the elven walls set in the next kickstarter due to their popularity, but then 6 months later in response to a different question Sam Campbell said there were no plans to expand the set.


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