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Race Driver Grid openal32.dll Error - How to Download and Replace the DLL File

Do not download openal32.dll from a "DLL download" website. There are many reasons why downloading a DLL file is a bad idea. If you need a copy of this file, it's best to obtain it from its original, legitimate source.

download openal32.dll for race driver grid


i have installed grid but when i start that there is an error that openai32.dll is missing and now i have download this file but there is anoter error that "the procedure entry point alsource3i could not located in the dynamic link library openal32.dll"

Just download latest drivers, they could be needed. Other than that that's all. OAL is HW accelerated so you need compatible sound card. If you do not have that you can try installing OAL Soft which should be software only.


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