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Textbook Of Orthopedics And Trauma (4 Volumes)

This IOA sponsored textbook in 4 volumes covers every conceivable topic, problem, disorder and question on orthopedics particularly in Indian tropical conditions that afflict the human beings. This mammoth creation is an excellent collection of topics written by experienced and knowledgeable orthopedic surgeons. This scholarly work done by the erudite editor is brought out by Indian Orthopedic Association. The contributors have put in the best of their mite to present the latest and most up-to-date knowledge and the recent trends as well as concerns on orthopedic problems in developing countries. The problems associated with Osteosynthesis and recent trends in nailing interlocking have been elaborately described. The common problems of neglected fractures and their management which every surgeon encounters in the practice are well covered. The conditions associated with traumatology and their complications are nicely covered in these 4 volumes. It addresses all the issues and conditions that orthopedicians come across in their daily practice.

Textbook of Orthopedics and Trauma (4 Volumes)

Dr. Rasmussen: Surgical trainees from the many specialties that intersect at the crossroads of vascular trauma are likely to get the greatest amount of information and excitement from the book. This includes general, trauma and vascular surgery students and trainees. However, the books appeal should extend to faculty, young and old who would benefit from a well-referenced resource dedicated to one of the most complicated and consequential forms of injury, vascular trauma. As an editor of the book I have learned volumes from the brilliantly talented authors who have contributed chapters and other forms of content to the 4th edition.

Dr. Rasmussen: The 4th edition follows in the legacy of its namesake Norman M. Rich who, in addition to being a wonderfully talented surgeon, Army officer and mentor to generations of students and trainees, was a global ambassador for vascular trauma. The editors have worked carefully to preserve and highlight the legacy of Dr. Rich throughout the textbook, including maintaining a robust International Perspectives section showcasing essays on vascular trauma written by military and civilian experts from 10 countries and regions around the world. It is our hope that the textbook will serve as an informative resource for military and civilian surgical learners, but also as an exemplar of the interdisciplinary and international collaboration that characterized the life and career of Dr. Norman M. Rich. 041b061a72


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