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The Vampire Diaries 6x17

Sarah Salvatore wakes up in the hospital, where Jo tells her she got drunk and passed out in the quad after a rave. Sarah seems to have a difficult time believing that. Alaric wants her to keep Sarah safe until Elena's blood is out of Sarah's system, he doesn't want another Salvatore vampire on the loose.

The Vampire Diaries 6x17

Stefan tries to get on his motorcycle but soon as he apply's pressure on the seat, it falls apart. Caroline appears round the corner warning him to leave her alone. She's not happy she just had to stuff the director's body in a furnace. When he discovers she unbolted it, he calls her an "embarrassment to humanity-free vampires everywhere." She punches a hole in his gas tank just to prove a point.

Back in 1903, Lily explains the mummified vampires saved her from herself and her ripper tendencies. She says they gave up their blood rations for her and she learned to control her blood lust. Damon thinks she's wackadoodle. When Lily goes to get the last of the blood to revive them, Elena notices the ascendant is on the table. Damon tells Elena that Bonnie isn't looking for the ascendant. Bonnie leads Kai through the snowy forest then stabs him in the back and leg. She blames him for making her almost kill herself. He insists he's changed. She has, too. Kai then disappears before Bonnie can stab him again.

As the aurora borealis begins, Bonnie joins Damon and Stefan. When Damon explains to Lily that they're short one witch and her friends can't go, Lilly refuses. She insists that the vampires are her family and she won't leave without him, but Damon threatens to leave her, too. As Bonnie recites the spell, Kai arrives and watches Damon, Elena, Lily and Bonnie disappear out of the prison world.

Secrets are REVEALED this week! Mama Salvatore keeps a menagerie of barely-alive vampires, Kai has no game, Alaric misses his days as a hunter and Bonnie brought Damon back a VERY special surprise from the year 1994..!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries - Damon realized that his mom was a crazy ripper and is trapped in her own prison world, Enzo wants to make Sarah a vampire, Jo and Alaric are engaged and expecting a baby and Caroline bribed Stefan into also shutting off his humanity.

The remainder of our season will be spent trying to de-vampire Elena Gilbert because OBVIOUSLY that's what she wants. Even if that's not what she wants at all. Damon will feel bad about how he doesn't really want her to be human again because he likes vampire Elena better, but he'll get ridiculous guilt trips and blah blah blah.

Elena and Damon fill Lily in on their plan to have her reconnect Stefan with his humanity, but they don't want him to know about her horrors throughout Europe. She says she'll get the rest of her traveling companions ready to go and takes them into a cellar revealing several desiccated vampires.

When a student happens upon Caroline and Stefan in the hallway, Stefan throws a stake into the student's stomach. Caroline saves her with vampire blood and sends her to her room while Stefan tells Caroline that humanity-free vampires don't value human life. While Caroline yells at Stefan about his risks, he hears Enzo and Alaric coming.

Damon and Elena tell Lily that her vampire companions can't come with them because they're down a witch and don't have enough power to bring them all back. Lily agrees to leave them when Damon tells her he will let her rot if she doesn't. They escape and leave Kai locked in 1903 with one partially awake vampire.

Caroline gets him back by daintily taking apart his motorcycle. Literally all she did was unscrew the bolts. He calls her out for being an embarrassment to all humanity-less vampires. Then she punches a hole in his gas tank and walks off. 041b061a72


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