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Where Can I Buy Chandelier Crystals =LINK=

We proudly offer a complete line of chandelier crystals and chandelier parts. Our line includes Strass Swarovski crystals, BrilliantCut crystals, Turkish crystals, natural quartz rock crystal prisms, crystal arms, bodies, breaks, balls, chandelier lamp chain, chandelier shades, lamp cord and lamp sockets. Whether you are looking for one chandelier crystal or 10,000, we have the resources to meet your needs. Our high-quality parts will help make sure you can perform any repair, replacement, conversion, or any other job you need to enjoy the perfect light fixture for your home. Make your next project easier and faster than ever by finding everything in one place!

where can i buy chandelier crystals

We have served the lighting industry for over 50 years and had the knowledge and experience to serve you well. Our chandelier crystals and chandelier parts are brilliant, beautiful, and of excellent quality. is a premier source for all your chandelier parts and crystal prism needs. We know how difficult it can be to find the right tools necessary to get your light fixture back to pristine condition, which is why we are always ready to help you get the best hardware possible. The satisfaction of our customers is our number one priority, and we work hard every day to ensure you can get a beautiful chandelier for your home!

Available in Swarovski and high quality Chinese crystal, chandelier crystals are available to help you give your chandelier a unique sense of craftsmanship. Swarovski offers two types of chandelier crystals. One being Strass, the highest quality chandelier crystal, with a finer richer cut, and a Swarovski logo engraved inside to assure authenticity. The other being Spectra, also high quality; but does not have as many cuts or logo engraved. Chinese chandelier crystals do not stay too far behind when it comes to sparkle and elegance. All brands of our chandelier crystals offer tear drops, crystal balls, octagons, and other common crystal shapes. Octagons are used to create the crystal chain that goes around a chandelier. The most common octagon size used is 14mm and they are connected to each other with jump rings or bow tie connectors. Get your ideas flowing and dress your chandeliers with our high quality crystals!

Trying to find the perfect chandelier was more challenging than I thought, then I heard about Magtrim. I ordered my first set and fell in love with the possibilities and flexibility to change it. The magnets are super strong and easy to use. I highly recommend this product.

I am so happy I decided to make the purchase of the clear crystal garland and glitter reindeer! This took our glass shade chandelier over our dining table from pretty to Wow! at a much lower cost than replacing the fixture. It also allows us to change it up for the holidays and then convert back to simple elegance after. I also have to give five stars for their customer service. I was attempting to do a bundle purchase, but my bundle combo was not listed. I reached out on a Sunday and received a response within a couple hours. The representative actually had their web team add the combo to their site and notified me after the two hours it took to complete and upload so that I was able to get my chosen bundle at the discount that was ending that evening. These people are as amazing as their product!!!!

We are obsessed with creating "the perfect" chandelier ( and by that we mean anything from a dining chandelier to a kitchen pendant) and see lighting fixtures as a blank canvas just waiting to be customized with individualized style and elegance.

Our patented magnetic chandelier and lighting accessories have been featured on QVC, HSN, and HGTV, and we continue to provide our customers with innovative products that will transform their living space.

Once a week, take a magnetized duster and slowly go around the chandelier, touching the bulbs, the crystals, and all the metal on the fixture. A magnetized duster or a soft cleaning stick will attract the loose dust and cobwebs better than traditional feather dusters, which may throw dust into the air.

Scheduling your chandelier for a more thorough cleaning twice a year is easy when you put it on your seasonal cleaning lists. Climb high enough on your ladder to get a closer look at the chandelier from top to bottom. Your goal is to identify any loose hangers or skewed crystals before you clean and fix them.

For this task, purchase a pair of soft, disposable white gloves. Put a glove on and carefully wipe down each of the crystal pieces, as well as the metal and bulbs. The gloves are the key because they allow you to use your fingers for intricate pieces and apply more or less pressure as needed. The gloves also keep fingerprints and smudges away from your shiny clean chandelier as you move from piece to piece.

As I mentioned above, keep fingerprints off your freshly cleaned chandelier crystals by wearing a pair of disposable gloves. Using a mild detergent and warm water on a cloth, gently clean each crystal piece and the metal parts. For stubborn buildup, you can use a microfiber cloth dampened with vinegar and water and towel-dry the chandelier pieces. Next, lay everything out on a microfiber or lint-free cloth to air dry; you can also polish them dry if you are really in a hurry.

Let the chandelier drip dry, take the plastic off the sockets and make sure they are completely dry using a microfiber cloth. Clean up your mess, turn on the breaker, hit the switch for your chandelier, and behold your dazzling masterpiece!

Now that you know the best way to clean a chandelier, what house cleaning project do you want to tackle next? Check out our extensive library of professional cleaning guides based on over 40 years of residential cleaning experience. No time for reading or housekeeping? Let The Maids take care of the dirty work for you. Get your free estimate today.

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I was wondering what you're thoughts were.. if I am trying this on amber colored crystals, do you think a gold metallic paint would look better since the crystals are goldish? Or does that even really matter which color you use?

For best results, you should clean crystal and glass chandeliers using a combination of either dish soap or isopropyl alcohol and distilled water. Regardless of which solution you choose, you should wear cleaning gloves throughout the process to prevent fingerprints.

Vinegar is ideal to use when cleaning a brass chandelier. A rag soaked in warm distilled white vinegar can be dipped in table salt to create a safe, natural solution for scrubbing tarnished brass and removing buildup. When finished, simply rinse the chandelier with water and dry.

Regardless of what kind of chandelier you have, the first step to keeping it sparkling clean is regular dusting. Use a duster every two to three months to remove dust and build-up from the surface of the chandelier.

With hundreds of individually cut and polished pieces of leaded glass, an antique crystal chandelier often is seen as a work of art. The dazzling shine and light-reflecting qualities originally were used to enhance and distribute the soft light of the candles that once were used as the light source.

One way to identify the maker of an antique crystal chandelier is by examining the drip pans. Drip pans, also called bobeche, are the cup-like pieces of crystal located at the base of each candle nozzle, and originally were designed to catch candle wax. Perry & Co., one o