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Ludo STAR: A Fun and Amazing Game for All Ages - Free Download

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To win the Ludo STAR : 2017 for Android easily, here are some tips to play that should you know when you want to play the game. The first tips to play this game are enjoying the game. Enjoying the game will be helpful to start the game better. After that, make the best strategy by making a rule that will give more advantages for you in the game. With this idea, you will conquer the game without any difficulties.

download ludo star 1


Ludo is the most popular and the most played board game still right now after many years. There is just one change which comes in the Ludo game and it is that before people played Ludo on a physical board but now after the introduction of the smartphones you can play the Ludo on digital boards. Ludo Star is one of the most downloaded Ludo games on the app stores.

This is the most downloaded Ludo game. It is the basic version of the game in which there are some restrictions. In this game you can play the Ludo in solo or team mode. In the team mode you and your friend can team up against another team of the players which will make this game more interesting. Solo mode is the most competitive mode in the game that you can play. To make the game more interesting you have the unique and cool looking dice skins available in the game that you can unlock by progressing.

This is a premium version of the game which is available to download on this website. In this version of the game you have all the dice skins already unlocked to use without any progression. This version is not available for free and you have to pay the charges to download it on your mobile device.

Ludo Star is a popular mobile game that can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. The game is based on the traditional board game of Ludo and has been developed by Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd. While the game is free to download and play, there are some in-game purchases that can be made in order to improve the gaming experience.

The game starts with each player taking turns to roll the die. For a player to start moving a piece around the board, they must roll a six. Once you have multiple pieces in play, you can choose which piece you want to move.

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