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In 1987, Häkkinen made the transition from karting to car racing when he purchased a 1986 Reynard Formula Ford 1600 from fellow Finn JJ Lehto. In that year, he entered the Finnish, Swedish and Nordic Formula Ford Championships, winning each title on his first attempt and won nine races combined. Häkkinen also entered two races of the EDFA 1600 Championship and raced in the Formula Ford Festival held at Brands Hatch, where he finished in seventh position.[9] In 1988, Häkkinen entered the EFDA Formula GM Lotus Euroseries with the Dragon team, where he secured four victories and finished the runner-up in the championship, behind Allan McNish. He later entered the Opel-Lotus EDFA Euroseries, taking four victories and became Champion with 126 points, ahead of nearest rival Henrik Larsen.[9]

Reply 1988 17.mp4


Available to purchase and download right now is F1 2017. Now that may not come as a surprise to you as for the last month or so that has always been the case. The difference being however that the previous Special Edition now becomes the Standard Edition, whilst the free 1988 McLaren MP4/4 Classic Car DLC that was originally being gifted as part of the launch pack, will now come at a cost.

Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna won 15 of the 16 races in 1988 in the MP4/4, one of the most dominant F1 cars of all time. Powered by a sublime turbocharged Honda V6, Senna pipped his teammate to win his first championship. 041b061a72


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