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Grammar Schools and Private Schools  utilise the 11 Plus Common Entrance examination as part of the process of screening candidates for admission to their institutions. 


CEM Select is an online exam used in the selection process at a number of Independent and Grammar schools in the United Kingdom. Students seeking 11 Plus, 12 Plus, or 13 Plus entrance can take the test.

CEM covers verbal, non-verbal and numerical reasoning. Verbal reasoning includes many of the skills covered in a GL Assessment English test and numerical reasoning covers the main maths skills that would be tested in a GL maths exam.


In 2007, GL Assessment, formerly known as NFER, was renamed. GL Assessment creates and distributes 11 Plus examinations in a lot of grammar school locations.

English, Mathematics, and Verbal and Non-Verbal thinking are all covered in GL. Schools might choose to administer all topics or only those that best fit their needs.

GL examinations are divided into subjects (English, maths, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning). Because questions are picked from GL question banks, consistent practise helps pupils get acquainted with the sorts of questions they may encounter. Answers are either put in a blank area next to the question or are multiple choice and answered in a separate answer book.


Only a Maths and an English paper are included in the CSSE test. It is held at the selective school that you have designated as your preferred location as a parent. To register for the CSSE 11 plus exam, go to and fill out the online form. The English paper is 60 minutes long, plus ten minutes for reading and the Maths paper is also 60 minutes long.


An increasing number of Independent schools use the ISEB as part of their 11 Plus admissions process. This includes St. Paul's Girls' School, Wycombe Abbey, City of London School for Boys, Reading Blue Coat, St. George's Weybridge, City of London School for Boys, Bede's High , Christ Hospital School, Sutton High, and many others. Other schools, such as Harrow and Eton, employ customised ISEB Stage 1 online examinations.

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