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At Tess Academy, we put students first. As a top Tutoring School since 2013, we have customised techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better scores every time. Get in touch to begin your path to success.

13 PLUS 

Proven Success

Our curriculum team has developed excellent resources and created a continuous assessment system to ensure that our students learn and improve.


If your child is determined to attend a grammar school but did not pass the 11+, you may choose to try a late transfer exam. We go over the procedure for entering at the 12+ or 13+ level.
Hearing that your kid has just lost out on a grammar school seat owing to their 11+ score may be devastating after months of preparation. Most students will thrive in a state school, but in rare circumstances, there is a second opportunity to get into a grammar school. The 12+ or 13+ late transfer exam is used for this.


The late transfer test is used to decide which pupils are eligible to enter a grammar school in Year 8 or Year 9. This option is not available at all grammar schools, however they may provide a late transfer procedure if:

They have a pass mark for the 11+ and only admit pupils who earn this score, rather than admitting the highest-ranked children until all available spaces are filled. If fewer students pass the test than there are available slots, this may result in empty seats.

Because there were fewer applications than available seats, there are no children on the waiting list to fill open positions.

Several students have departed the school during the school year, leaving vacancies.

It is important to note that there are generally considerably fewer spaces available via the late transfer procedure than in the initial round of 11+ admissions – frequently only a few per institution.


For the 12+ and 13+, various schools have varied arrangements, but usually, pupils are expected to take a combination of mathematics, English, verbal reasoning, and non-verbal reasoning examinations. These duties might be textual or computer-based.

Some schools employ tests commissioned by an outside testing company, such as CEM, which also offers 11+ exams. This is the situation in many Buckinghamshire schools, where the pass mark 11+ system means that the late transfer test fills a number of spaces each year. Others create their own papers or rely on a combination of internal and external sources.

Tests are often administered at a set place, which may be the school or another testing facility on a set date. 

What can you do to have the best chances of your child passing the 13+ exam? 

While many students may be hardworking already and may not need extra assistance and that is where Tess Academy comes in. We are a leading provider of 11 Plus assistance and have also extended this to 13 Plus. We will help your children gain confidence through our group and 1-2-1 sessions so that they can feel ready and equipped with all the knowledge they need to perform their best in the exam.


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