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We are there, every step of your child's academic journey.

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Secondary schools utilise the 11 Plus Common Entrance examination as part of the process of screening candidates for admission to their institutions. 

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Our curriculum team has developed excellent resources and created a continuous assessment system to ensure that our students learn and improve.


IGCSE and GCSE are one of the most crucial next steps to your child's educational career as they are the gateway to the Sixth Form or College a Student may end up attending

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A Levels are the major pre-university qualification in the United Kingdom and are internationally recognised. They are required for you to continue your studies at university level and are critical for boosting your future careers. A Level certificates indicate your advanced knowledge of a topic and will open the door to greater future opportunities.

Subjects taught at Tess Academy: Courses


At Tess Academy, we take pride in being able to cater to all students, whether it be at the 11+ or someone who is about to apply for university. Here is the list of subject that we offer:


  • English language 

  • English Literature 

  • Economics 

  • Biology 

  • Chemistry 

  • French 

  • History 

  • Maths 

  • Geography 

  • Physics 

A Level:

  • Economics

  • Maths 

  • Further Maths 

  • Chemistry 

  • Biology 

  • Physics 

University Entrance Exams:

  • ECCA ( Economics Admissions Assessments)

  • TSA  (Thinking Skills Assessments)

  • NSAA ( Natural Sciences Admission Assessment)

  • BMAT

  • UKAT

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to call us at 07445282735 or send in a request via our contact form. 

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