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Your Path to Success

At Tess Academy, we put students first. As a top Tutoring School since 2013, we have customised techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better scores every time. Get in touch to begin your path to success.


Proven Success

Our curriculum team has developed excellent resources and created a continuous assessment system to ensure that our students learn and improve.


Whatever the subject and whether the test is an iGCSE or a GCSE, there are three keys to success: excellent subject knowledge, solid exam methods, and effective review strategies. 

Our top-tier private tutors understand this and work hard to ensure that your child is properly prepared for the examinations ahead of them. 

We can locate the appropriate teacher for you whether you need a fast confidence boost, assistance with a single unit or topic, revision assistance just before examinations, or a more extensive programme to ensure a good mark in a subject. As Tess Academy  is a well-established company, we have built up a solid network of dependable tutors around the country over the years.

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