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Your Path to Success

At Tess Academy, we put students first. As a top Tutoring School since 2013, we have customised techniques and teaching methods that guarantee students better scores every time. Get in touch to begin your path to success.


Proven Success

Our curriculum team has developed excellent resources and created a continuous assessment system to ensure that our students learn and improve.


English has a critical role in society. Learning to speak and write allows students to convey their thoughts and emotions to others, while listening and reading allows them to comprehend others. 

Our goal in teaching English is to provide students with the skills necessary to have a solid command of the spoken and written word.

To do this, we want to teach the following English fundamental skills: 

  • Phonics and vocabulary development 

  • The composition (articulating and organising ideas in speech and in writing) 

  • Understanding  the extract (listening and reading ) 

  • Punctuation and grammar 

  • Develop a passion for reading. 

  • Read progressively difficult materials on your own 

  • Convey your thoughts verbally and confidently.


Mathematics is a highly interconnected science that has evolved over millennia to solve the most perplexing issues. It is important for daily living, science, technology, and engineering, as well as financial literacy and most types of jobs. Our goal in teaching mathematics is for pupils to become proficient in the essentials, solve issues by applying their maths to a range of normal and pro circumstances, and reason mathematically by following a path of thought.

As a result, students are taught the following fundamental mathematical skills: ​

  • Reading, writing and interpreting mathematical statements including subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division. 

  • Recognise and solve decimal, fraction, and percentage problems. 

  • Recognise, name, and work with geometry and algebra. 

  • Word problems to compare and solve 

  • Money, calendars and time problems to interpret and solve


Through the specialised disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, a high-quality scientific education provides the fundamentals for comprehending the world. All students should be taught the fundamentals of scientific knowledge, techniques, procedures and applications.

Our goal in teaching Science is for all students to:

  •  Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding via the specialised disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

  • Develop a grasp of nature, scientific processes and techniques through many sorts of science investigations that assist students in answering scientific questions about the world around them. 

  • Pupils have the scientific knowledge needed to comprehend the applications and consequences of science today and in the future.

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