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Image Line Slicex v1.0.10 VSTi: How to Create Dynamic and Creative Beats, Loops and Effects

The MIDI controller is kept exactly the same, but the selection of the note that you want to play on is used to set each specific region. If you have a MIDI keyboard, the Keyboard Controller can send notes, without having to change the Pitch setting. Slicex has an excellent piano track to work with and has a few controls that allow you to quickly adjust the parameters of the piano track. The Key-Press and Key-Repeat controls can be pressed and held down for very precise control.

Image Line Slicex v1.0.10 VSTi

Decompress the file, then get to work. This process is the same no matter where the audio is placed in your audio track. You can adjust the positions or alterations at any time and then save the settings for later use. The default settings do the best job, but you might want to experiment with other settings and see what you think. To start using the plugin, open the Plugin Manager, then search for Slicex in the Available Plugins. Click Open and then click OK to activate the plugin.

Image Line Slicex tries to keep things simple. Once you have it up and running, it is not very complicated to understand. However, it is still very useful for users who have been using the plugin for a while, as they will be able to understand how to control it. Slicex is an alternative to Melodyne, particularly if you want to edit your audio file without spending a lot of time on the job. Luckily, the application is also easy to use.

For example, it can be used to add the notes and breaks that are not present in a song. Slicex can also be used to add higher or lower notes to a song, be it by using a different key or different pitches, adding playing ability to a song, and more.


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